2025, Volume 9 No. 1 : Accept articles in English only

Hi, Authors
JTP will make sustainability improvements and ensure the dissemination of articles at a global level with better indexation in the future. To achieve this goal, starting with the 2025 Volume 9 issue No. 1, the Trias Politika Journal will accept articles in English only. The article should also have been carefully proofread and similarity check (similarity check result must be attached as supplementary file in submission process) Thank you for the help of author, reviewers, readers and editors.
Posted: 2024-04-04

Accreditation Results

Upstairs Level 3 (SINTA)
The journal is accredited by SINTA 3 based on Decision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Technology No. 79/E/KPT/2023 dated May 11, 2023, valid from Volume 6 No. 02 to Volume 11 No. 1 Year 2027.
Thank you for the author, the editor and the reviewers who have been involved. The spirit continues to advance Indonesia from scientific work.
Posted: 2023-07-30
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