Screening Of Plagiarisme

every article submitted for publication in Jurnal Trias Politika (JTP) is checked for plagiarisme after submission and before uses Turnitin Software. The Turnitin plagiarism checker is used to evaluate the similarity index. The editor uses the result to decide the case of possible plagiarism – the similarity report would be provided to the author. Here are some of the actions passed by the Editorial board:

  1. A similarity index above 40%: in this case, the article is rejected due to poor paraphrasing or citation leading to an outright rejection – NO RESUBMISSION accepted.
  2. A similarity index within 25-40%: in this case, the publication is sent to the author for correction and improvement. There is a need for the author to provide a correct citation to similar places and proper paraphrasing for citations.
  3. A similarity index less than 25%: here, accepted or citation improvements might be needed – all outsourced texts must be given a proper citation.

In the second and third cases, there is a need for careful revision of the article from the author(s). The author(s) need to add citation and paraphrasing to outsourced texts. At the time of examining the submitted article, there should be a Turnitin report showing NO PLAGIARISM or plagiarism of less than 25%